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A good all-around skilled player is hard to come across. One that does'nt spam just one move or swings constantly at air hoping they score that one blind lucky hit! Also, someone that does'nt whine after they are beaten that YOU roll too much or saber-throw too much and instead says "GF!=)" -To me, a skilled/honorable player is one that knows how to use and indeed uses every tactic at his/her disposal during a duel and shows common respect to thier adversery.
-Would anyone like to Duel me?-LOL!

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-WinXP Corp.
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-EPOX 8kha+ mobo(latest bios & VIA drivers except VIA BM IDE)
-Atlon TB 1.4mhz cpu
-Thermalright SK6 copper HS w/ YS Tech 7500rpm fan
-Visiontek GF3 Ti500 VC(23.11 drivers)
-SB Audigy gamer SC
-Sony 56x cd-drive
-TDK 16/10/40x cdrw-drive
-Klipsch Promedia V2-400 speaker set
-Logitech Internet Navigator KB
-Logitech Mouseman Duel-Optical mouse
-Samsung 900IFT 19" Monitor
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