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MP cheat ?? THIS SUX

hi guys,

I hosted my standard NTS Duel Server/NF/Sabres only on BGJ. After some rounds a guy joined (NO I won't give his name) who was partly invisible and I don't mean the 'ghost' skinn but really invisible. All u can see were the ingnited Lightsabre and his hands. You of course see it comming: he only ingnited the sabre seldom or when attacking.

If this was told be4 in a topic I appologize but I haven't found it. Can someone please fill me in? Is this a cheat or a skinn I encounterd?

I made a change to my server setup yesterday because I couldn't host the day before on the zone. I put the option 'Pure Server' off. I have been downloading skinns lately and I was wondering if it works this way. Another question might be: does 'Pure Server' effect the visibility of my skinns. Or in more understanding english: can some1 still see my skinn if I host a Pure Server AND put download to clients 'off'.

I hope some1 can fill me in.

btw: after I threarend to kick the player he changed to a normal player. (and lets say... he didn't stay long )

Thanks for reading and hopefully reacting,


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