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Originally posted by TripLe
its a model, already in game.

you can use it, he can use it, anyone else can use it.

chill, its not a cheat.
Not calling it a cheat is just stupid. It makes 95% of your body invisible and throws off your opponents concentration and gives them a huge disadvantage.

How is that not a cheat? Because you can use it too? You're not suppose to use it in the first place or else they would've mentioned it in the manual or readme files. The only way the lame cheaters found it was by searching through the *.pak3 files which is something programmers do not expect the average player to do. If you were suppose to use it, it would be selectable from the Player Settings configurations screen.

Those arms are actually the skin you use/see when you play the single player game in 1st Person View (As opposed to 3rd Person View). Other then that, it's not meant to be used in multiplayer in the first place and is only put in the game to be used in single player.


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