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Hassany arrives to the place Garik said, she was to angry to chech all the things in her x- wing.

- " Gir, please check the X-wing and please try to say me if there is a problem"

The R2 units starts to speak in a weird mode, then a courios song starts.

-"perfect, Now I remember why I called you Gir, my father made you for a Child and you canīt fly whitout do this, great, when you finish, please tell me"

She is alone now, no one arrives yet, and maybe she will be the only one there, she only hopes that all the people were ok, she felt a bad presence some minutes before she goes, but she doesnīt know what was that...

"I only hope all the squadron is ok, Garik, Shadow, Jeraki, Raschel, Ton, Orthos, and all the squadron, we need to be together to finish this mission, please, come quikly and safe...

at that moment, another X-wing arrives to the place

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