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Post The Anti-Saberist Code

All those declaring allegiance to the Anti-Saberist Code will swear the following:

1. I will attack anyone with the identifying -SC- Suffix Tag upon sight to the exclusion of all other targets.

2. Anyone turning off their lightsaber is declaring either their contempt of the Anti-Saberist Code or their ignorance. In either case they must die.

3. I will taunt my opponents mercilessly so that they become wroth.

4. I will make frequent use Force Push and Grip to throw unarmed jedi off ledges.

5. I will append the Suffix: *ASC* to my nickname while in-game so that my opponents may know fear, but only after I have gotten as many kills as possible while having the -SC- tag appended to my name.

6. I will cooperate with other *ASC* allies to bring the -SC- low. Or do it by my damn self.

7. I will never change my weapon away from the lightsaber while in a duel. ... Unless I think it'd be cool to watch them get blown up by the detpacks I planted around the corner.

8. I will, upon achieving a victory, stand over the corpse of my opponent, look down and quickly tap the crouch button repeatedly. This makes it look as if I'm humping their corpse. This is a noble purpose.

9. I will, whilst under the guise of the -SC- tag, throw myself upon the blade of a true -SC- collaborator and declare loudly, "HEY, HE SWUNG AT ME WHILE I HAD MY SABER OFF!!! GET HIM!!!" and thusly cause great chaos.

10. I will repeatedly change my name and player model during a game to that of an -SC- Collaborator in order to better plant my saber in the backs of my disillusioned enemies.

If you would swear by this code, then affix your ^bump^ message to this post. Happy slaying

ArtifeX *ASC*
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