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Originally posted by Soul-Burn

Why not add these rules:
11. If there's any way I can make everyone hate me, so be it!!

I don't want you to hate me. I just want you to die. Jeez...

12. A true ASC'ers mission is to get banned from all servers online!
People like me only get banned when everyone realizes they can't beat me. Otherwise, why ban me? Why not just beat the crap out of me and humiliate me. That's far worse.

13. I will try to make as much fuss as I can and get everyone pissed!
You'll realize you're having the most fun when you're the most pissed off.

14. I will never try to capture the flag in CTF servers.
No. Actually that would be really boring.

15. I will use Cheats whenever I can.
No. I won't. I don't know of any. If I did, then using them would just dull my skills so that I couldn't beat someone without them. Nah. I'd rather just beat the snot out of you on my own, thanks.

16. I will spread any kind of cheat or hack available since I hate starwars and I hate jedi knight!
You should write fiction. You're good at it.

17. I will never buy a game since it might help someone.
Um, who are you addressing? Do you know where you are? Can I recommend a good depressant?

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