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Originally posted by Chato
I agreed with the DSC (dark saberist code) which was done B4, i gotta admit that Code is a REALLY DUMB code..... it's not fun, it's idiot and kills the game
No, it's not fun for YOU. It may be fun for others, however. How does it kill the game? I would think having 10 people in an FFA server and with only two of them actually fighting would kill the game. I definitely think that dropping a rocket or two into the mass of -SC- squatters would liven things up quite a bit! That way all 10 people would be having fun together! Smiles and happiness for everyone! yay!


The DSC was more fair.... just killing SC while doing their bowings or things like that... not going in such a hatred.

DSC must go !!

Chato Dur (The 1st Fairy Jumper) -DSC-
Hatred? Who said anything about hatred? I think we can all be happy and freindly while I'm kicking your ass, don't you?

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