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As far as I'm concerned, there is no requirement of honor for a FFA server. I use the saber until I get an explosive weapon, at which point I use it till I'm out of ammo. I'll kill people with their sabers off, and in the middle of a saber fight(I won't interrupt in real duels though, talk about obnoxious). I'll push and grip them off the edge whenever the opportunity arises. As far as I'm concerned, FFA is fair game; it's not called Free For All for nothing. I do play on Duel servers when I feel like having some real saber fights, but anyone on a FFA server is free game for death by whatever means necessary. It's the same on saber only FFA servers, just without using guns. Why people start FFA games so they can stand in one place and take turns dueling eachother is beyond me(though if everyone is doing this, I'll just leave rather than mess with it).
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