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Well Zeek....this code of respect was proposed because of 3 main reasons:
1)Lamers continuously scoring cheap kills by attacking players that have thier saber off awaiting a duel from a fellow player.

2)Lamers attacking players that are standing still and obviously not playing at the moment due to a sudden phonecall,doorbell,getting another beer,smoking a bong,etc;;

3)Lamers interfering in gaddamn duels and intentionally getting in the way. This is especially not freakin' cool! Being a total pr!ck and purposely getting in the way of 2 players in a locked duel is just freakin' ignorant BS!

......There you have it. Players that cannot play respectfully need thier freakin' a$$es whipped for real! -I would be more than happy to face off with some of the a$$holes I have run across online!

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