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Originally posted by S!TH!NAT0R
ArtiFag, you are a freakin' moron. Plain&Simple! -You must clearly be between the ages of 6-12 or you have the mentality to match. It's ignorant idiots like you that ruin MP gaming for other players,particularly JK][! Congratulations a$$hol3, you have just blackballed yourself.
-This proposed code is not a law to force other players how to play but rather a simple proposal of goddamn respect to your fellow players! You ignorant fishheads are taking it like we're trying to dictate how you should play. Thats not the case idiots,learn how to comprehend properly what you read kiddies! -This code is about respect and common decency to other online players. But you kids(you know who you are) with your childish intellects would'nt understand anything about decentcy,respect,or honor! -Some real shallow/ignorant freakin' SOBs here

Are you finished? We're a bit older than 12. If you want to make up rules on public FFA servers, you instead need to get your own box to play on or write a mod w/ the 'decency' rules you've come up with. We prefer to play based on the rules Raven wrote into the game. BTW....these do not include hand-holding, singing, dancing, manditory bowing, tree hugging, or invunerability when your sabre is off.

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