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Hmmmm its really weird seeing ppl come up with all these other strategies that are next to impossible, when the real path is easy...for all you ppl still stuck (how..?) heres how i did it


ok that should be enough space

Ok, you are in the red room, go through the 2 doors to get into another room, and then there is another door to lead you outside. you can see the carts going into the room, and when does, stand between the two little prongs with lights on them, and you will see a tube coming out as the red lights go on in the original room. hop down onto the tube, and make your way backwards and onto the ledge. once the pipe goes back in again, hop inside the tube, and make your way along to the room beneath the red room.
Watch out here, becuase if the red lights are on, you can be killed below aswell. place some charges around the central pillar thingo, or just shoot all the pipes in there, and this will disable the red lights of death. the platform still moves, and you can now use this to get into the red room, for all the people who didnt know how to get back up.
Now just go up onto the lighting fixtures in the red room, and wait for a cart. jump down onto one, and cruise around the corner, and JUMP OFF into the green area on your left. i have no idea how people missed this, and thought you had to get through the blue force field!!! anyway, there you go happy sabering !
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