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oh jesus I can't believe some of you people and your ignorance.

First I'd like to get something out, saber throw is not the only counter ot the heavy special. I NEVER use saber throw, and whenever they use the heavy special I just time my swing when they land in MEDIUM stance, and land a hit. I have beaten a TON of heavy stances using only the medium stance. You need experience, you need to know your enemy. Since I used to use medium stance I know all its weaknesses.

Second of all, sure saber throw is easy to counter, but how are you going to dodge saber throw AND attack at the same time? That's right, you can't. Let me give you a little situation that happened to me yesterday:

Duel in FFA, a guys only attack against me was saber throw, he did nothing else. I was dodging left and right getting out of the way of the throws but I could never catch up to the saber thrower. This is once again in medium stance, I finally catch up to him and take a swing, the first swing hits the air so I combo into my second swing, as I"m doing that he saber throws. Since i'm so close he gets his sword back instantly, and then he rolls away. This is how he killed me, whenever I took a swing he would saber throw and roll away. It takes a small amount of timing but within an hour of practicing you can have that move perfected and its impossible for the other person to catch you. With no force speed, pull etc. to aid you. If someone can name me one way to counter somebody who can roll away and never let you catch them, explain it to me because I must be missing something.

Some of you are just blind fools that can't see how horribly balanced saber throw is without other force powers to aid you.
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