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well as mean as this may sound, you DO have the option to fight back with an effective tool, by choosing not to use saber throw, you are the one creating the imbalance. the options are there for you to use, if someone else is allocating their foce powers for saber throws, and you want to be able to effectively counter them, you need to do the same.

I suck at sabering, but it's still the only thing I do in JKII I don't use any other weapons, and I've managed to discourage many a saber thrower, by dodging their shot and nailing them with a throw of my own by getting in fairly close. they are completely exposed while their saber is spinning around trying to catch up with me, and since I'm close to them, I can hit them with my saber while they have no defense, and have mine back faster than them. if you do that once or twice, I find they really think twice about trying to use the throw near as much.

this is just in my experience, so you can take it or leave it, but the choice IS yours, you just choose to leave things harder on yourself by not using the throw.

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