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Originally posted by RabidPlatypus
throwing saber at them as they roll.... no I don't want to do that because I don't want duels to turn into a saber throwing fest. Rolling to keep up with them doesn't work because there is a short delay after you roll that gives them time to strafe away.

Your only valid point is the force jumping, which is the only possible way I can beat them. It still fails sometimes though, because once again they can just roll away. Some of these duels have lasted 15 minutes for me, just dodging and trying to get that hit in. I feel really cheap using saber throw to kill them.
if all you did was constantly try to attack them in the same way over and over, then you deserved to lose... you're just as repeditive as those you claim to dislike.

do you know what would happened if you threw your saber at him when he rolled? he would think "gee, when i roll i get hit. maybe i shouldnt do that!" and then he would *change his stragedy*. in this game of JK2, every single problem that people are complaining about is rooted in the fact that they want to play in only one certain way, and thus their own stragedy is horribly rigid... theres no room for growth. if you dont want to use saber throw, fine, dont use saber throw. but other people will, and by not using it yourself you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

when i first started playing, i ran into that problem a lot... people throwing their sabers at me while i was swinging. but instead of whining and complaining, i adapted my own style to defend against it. and guess what, it worked. if this one guy keeps rolling away from you when you swing, then it sounds like you're not going fast enough... so try using light stance. light stance can be very deadly if you actually direct it instead of running around in circles.

you want everyone else to adapt to your playing style.. but thats not how it works. if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen...
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