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Originally posted by PurplWulf
I don't think raven put in the saber challenge to let people have "fair" fights...
and may the best saberist win.
hope you realize you're contradicting yourself. obviously in that case it's not about the better saberist but who spent more time picking up powerups.

also, let's have a short crash course in game design. if your players have more than one option, make sure no option is better than another option. if they have to decide dont punish them for the decision. what would you say if you could pick a class and one class would be superior? it would be bad design but some would probably just say 'stop whining, play the better class'.

and especially jk2 is interesting to watch. you would expect the more experienced and skillful player ending up 1st, 2nd, 3rd but instead it's people using newb-tactics. why? because a trained monkey can use them and only a skilled player can defend against them. no matter what you say, that's pretty much the definition of 'not balanced'.

btw. is it just me or does it seem that you loose your saber a lot more often in sp? a lot of times i throw it and it just ends up on the floor and you have to pull it to get it back. thats never happening in mp.


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