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hope you realize you're contradicting yourself. obviously in that case it's not about the better saberist but who spent more time picking up powerups.
not at all, there's only a contradiction when someone else puts their own fatalism into my statements. I was dueling in FFA just yesterday, and had mega shield pickup, full health, and my opponent was only at 100 health, 100 shield, he still kicked my ass, and on my own server to boot where my ping was literally "1" to his 200 ping. he had better moves and better strategy, his timing was excellant, and he beat me 9 out of 10 fights because he was the better saberist.

let's not confuse having an "advantage" with being "invincible"
there's a huge difference. you could give someone with no skills all the advantages and people with true skill will still find a way to beat them.

if you choose to give up the fight just because someone else has an advantage, that's your choice, but there's no point in complaining about it. Some people take that disadvantage and find ways to work around it, and the game is that much better because of those people. They develop new moves, new tactics, and new strategies that eventually improve alot of other people's gaming skills as well.

Sure it's easier to just say, "well that's unbeatable so it should be removed from the game", but not everyone has that mindset, some of us like a challenge, and like to find ways to overcome it.

Some of those ways have already been discussed here and immediately dismissed by the people advocating this banning of the saber throw... the question is why? It obviously works as a good counter, but you CHOOSE not to use it. Is that our fault? or the games flaw??? No, it's your CHOICE.

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