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Originally posted by PurplWulf

not at all, there's only a contradiction when someone else puts their own fatalism into my statements. I was dueling in FFA just yesterday, and had mega shield pickup, full health, and my opponent was only at 100 health, 100 shield, he still kicked my ass, and on my own server to boot where my ping was literally "1" to his 200 ping. he had better moves and better strategy, his timing was excellant, and he beat me 9 out of 10 fights because he was the better saberist.
yes, he did so because he was a MUCH better saberist. if he would have been just a bit better you would expect that he should still win but if he has to land 50-100% more hits that wont happen. maybe i shouldnt see a duel as a test of skill where both players are on equal ground, but in fact i would even (during the duel) strip both players of their shields and increase health to 100. not only because the 1 hit kill wouldnt be so much better than a regular red swing (you need 3-4 if he's 'maxed out').

the better saberist will only win if it's a fair duel. the more advantages one player has, the bigger the 'skill-difference' has to be for the other player to win.
so it probably just depends on what you want to duels to be.


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