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Territo wrote:
Well obviously the person who doesn't have the shields and bacta tank can still win but the point is it would be better if it was absolutely fair. I don't really mind it that much because I can beat almost anyone in dueling but when you have a bacta tank on your side it can change the tide of the battle.
granted, I don't think a single person here is saying there is no advantage gained by having Bacta available, but that's just like saying, "Bacta should be removed from the game because some people grab it before a duel, or already have it, and it's not fair to me because I don't use bacta at all, I find it cheap"

ok, this person finds it cheap, but they DO have the option to use it, they just choose not to, that's not a balance issue, it's a common sense issue IMO. If you're going to deny yourself the same opportunities that others are using, how can you go around saying it's not fair, when it's your choice?

Too many people refuse to have anything change, hey some things might be for the better so don't bash everyone who brings up balancing issues.
once again, agreed, if there is a legitimate balance issue, it should be addressed and received with open minds, but ultimately it's Raven who'll decide what gets fixed in a game patch. Once the tools are released I'm sure we'll see dozens of mods that are "supposed" balance fixes, but again, I still don't see how you can call someone refusing to take advantage of the items in the game, or the moves that come with the game a "balance" issue. It seems to me that's a choice issue, one that individual made, and then wants to blame others for.

There is no doubt that some of these people are just plain bad and lose to a player who owned them with a certain ability and hench they think its cheap but not always
based on the arguments I've seen here, at least for this particular subject, I'd be inclined to lean towards that being the major factor here. Most people don't seem to have a problem with the saber throw, and rightfully so. Nobody is forced into accepting a challenge from another player, it's another choice that they make. If you find someone that challenges you, or you challenge, that doesn't play in a way that you find enjoyable, simply decline any future challenges they offer, and stay clear of them when possible on the map.

Luck plays a factor in any game, as does Lag, Packet Loss, Computer Speed, Location, Reflexes, Mood, Attitude and countless other variables. The minute you fire up your game you're setting yourself to be at a disadvantage to someone out there who has one or all of those factors in their favor. If you tried to ban everything that gave someone an advantage, there wouldn't be anything left to play.

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