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Originally posted by Territo
Well obviously the person who doesn't have the shields and bacta tank can still win but the point is it would be better if it was absolutely fair. I don't really mind it that much because I can beat almost anyone in dueling but when you have a bacta tank on your side it can change the tide of the battle.

Too many people refuse to have anything change, hey some things might be for the better so don't bash everyone who brings up balancing issues. I'm just going to take Blizzard Entertainment for example, patches are released for their games quite often to fix not only bugs but balancing issues. Now that JK2 has been out for awhile there may be a few things that can be changed for the better so think about that before you call everyone whiners and complainers. There is no doubt that some of these people are just plain bad and lose to a player who owned them with a certain ability and hench they think its cheap but not always.
Bacta in duels is a double edged sword, sometimes, when I'm on a server with a few people who are willing to just duel, I'll come out of a duel and will have very little health, only to be challenged and when the fight starts, I'll have to use that to get my health up, because the other guy is starting at 100 (I don't always get to use it before I accept the challenge as some people are trying to hack at us so I accept so I won't be cut down).

I will say, however, that I would be more content on a system to where if two people enter a duel their health is automatically boosted to full with no shields, and at the end of the duel the victor's health and shields are set to what they were before the duel. As it is now, some servers have it set to where after a duel you have full health, others not...I'd like to see a consistent system.
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