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Originally posted by TripLe
its a model, already in game.

you can use it, he can use it, anyone else can use it.

chill, its not a cheat.
Depends on your definition of "cheat". In the most general of definitions found in most dictionaries, using this model (that isn't actually found in the UI, btw) is in fact, cheating.

Let's look at a couple found on

1. To deceive by trickery; swindle
2. To mislead; fool

Both of these would encompass the ability of someone that is not as visible as someone else on the server of a game where being INvisible is the effect of a particular aspect of regular game play (i.e. Mind Trick).

Okay so yes, given the tools available (as in, the console and the model command) one could use any model that the game ALLOWS you to use on a cheat protected server.

That doesn't make the intentions of the individual using this model any less of a "cheater" who is specifically attempting to decieve, swindle, or fool other players on the server to not see all of their bounding box.

I've already given this information out before on other threads talking about this model, but I think it's important to repeat it here on another popular thread that is parroting many of the same posts:

All you have to do when someone uses this model, is simply bring down the console (hit Shift+`) and type in "/cg_forcemodels 1" and hit enter.

If I remember correctly, you won't even need to do a vid_restart... you can just hold down your +showscores key for a couple of seconds and everyone's model will be changed to the one that YOU are using. If this is wrong, simply bring down the console again, type in "vid_restart" and hit enter and then wait a few seconds.

And as always, you will also recieve a bit of a frames per second bonus since you don't have a bunch of models and skins loaded into ram.

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