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Originally posted by Bronzefist

Keep the saber throws in FFA duels. The main problems with FFA duels right now are not the sabre throws, but the ability to use bacta canisters and stock up on shields before the fight.

Bacta canisters should NOT be allowed during dueling--thats total BS because both duelers should be on equal terms. Extra shields should NOT be allowed during duels either. You could be dueling someone with over 100 shield points while you have none. does that sound fair?

The main reason I use saber throwing is to beat the heavy stance unblockable. I've dueled against people who do NOTHING else but this move and its VERY hard to hit them afterwards because of this moves screwed up hit detection.

I know this discussion isnt about No Force duel servers, but I encourage you guys to try them somtime. Once you run into a heavy unblockable user there is little to nothing you can do to counter him after the unblockable.

then get your own bacta canisters and shield boosters WHAT A GOOD IDEA!

anyways, it's not meant to be equal (did anybody say that!?) it's meant to be survival of the fittest, like real life

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