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Saberduels Mistakes![ PLEASE READ IT ]

This saber duels system look spectacular, coerographic, but surely not realistic and not tatics.

_Reduce Backward speed : it's not a good strategic thing to allow the caracther run at the same speed for forward and for backward.

_modify block ability depending from the stance your using : if i'm using an HEAVY stance, it means i've my all body charged to strike a devastating shot , slow and really deadly... i dont have a good guard to make fast and accurate blocks, so it should be more difficult to parry enemy sabers!

_let also the roll consuming force, or people will start a "hit and roll" combact style, really boring!

_adjust the difference between the 3 stance :
we now that G_saberMoveSpeed and G_SaberAnimSpeed can modify blade moves and body speed while using the saber!

So, my opinion is, Reduce a little the characther speed.. it's 250 right now.. put it at 130 for example! and let be more differences between the 3 stances!

BLUE STANCE : it's a stance with little damage, it took time to strike an enemy but, this is a classic NINJA style, where u use SPEED to damage the enemy, so let the blue stance INCREASE the characther speed to the classic 250 while using, but not always, let the characther make a little SPRINT at every move ( and not for all the time i press the attack key ) so everytime my saber change moves i make a little forward sprint, able to Harm the enemy and run away from a slow return hit.
But u need time to perform this couse, blue stance dont knock the enemy if hit and make little damage, so it just a TOUCH AND RUN style combact.

YELLOW STANCE : The common stance, just fighting as it's now!

RED STANCE : it's a HEAVY SLASH stance, but it doesnt means the SHOT is slow but the CHARGE TIME is slow so u charge up a BIG strike and then u make a FAST movement to cut in 2 the enemy!
So u can NOTICE that the enemy is charging an heavy slash and if u'r ready u can try to block or avoid it!
EVERY RED stance shot REDUCE the characther speed letting him almost stand to the ground while using the red stance!

If u link all of this togheter u will have REALLY funny matches, couse players will not run everytime around like flyies but they will study each others, turning slowly and then 1 of the 2 will start 1 attac with his saber, the other one will move back to block the enemy strike, and then u can choose to make a FAST speed low attack or a SLOW standing deadly attack!
But it would be more interesting , expecially if u increase the block ability.


IF U dont consider good decreasing characther speed, ok DONT ALLOW ALL MOVES to work if u'r RUNNING!, but only the WEAKESTS moves , LET COMBOS and ACROBATIC storng moves work only in SLOW mod.


I think at last that a duel should be ruled from a good choose of the right moves + the right evasive manouvre in a REALLY fast and coerographic close combact.. then a RUNNING race trying to shot with a red stance slash!

Right now most of the game is RUNNING for the map , charge a red strike, approch the enemy, RELEASE the shot.. and if u fail JUMP away and restart running!

It's not a good way to play, it will be boring and people will LEFT the game couse it's ruled only from 1 strategic way... RUNNING !

Forcing the player to FIGHT in close combact will allow u to have more REALISTIC and FUNNY duels, and surely more strategics!

cya all!
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