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10 year veteran!'s good to warm my bones beside the fire... (Pink Floyd)

And what a lot of flames there are. At least my marsh-mallows have toasted nicely.

While Zufuss may disagree with or not wish to read some of the more positive feedback, and possible strategies, other members seem to have taken to flogging dead horses with flaming brands.

Sorry people, but flaming and insults are not appreciated here. Feel free to disagree with someone else's opinion, and state your reasons...but there's no need to descend to name-calling and flame-baiting. It does no one any favours. If someone is unwilling to shift their POV, then simply refrain from posting any further.

Zufuss...I have to say that I feel you've dug your heels in. Some of the other members offered some constructive feedback and advice in countering the saber throw, but you dismissed their arguments out of hand. If there are existing counter-measures to the move, then it is a simple matter to employ them. If you choose only to fight a certain way, using a particular stance, then I can only say that is your choice. There is an old adage, fight fire with if someone is exclusively using this tactic, then give them a taste of their own medicine. Also, I would imagine the last thing you want to do is prolong such a battle, and personally I would use any tactics necessary to take that person down. If you have defined your own particular code of combat...well, I'm sorry, but a lot of other players don't recognise honour, etc., and it would be unfair to the majority of players to remove a feature from the game simply because some players choose not to adopt the move, or employ some of the counter-measures.

Secondly, you also stated that you are quite happy to hunt down and score easy kills on saber throwers outside of duels. So what is the problem? If you lose in a duel, you can just get your own back later...

It's sad to see a thread descend into this kind of chaos, and it really leaves me no option but to close it.
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