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Re: I find nothing wrong

A few facts for you.

Originally posted by dan123
I find nothing wrong with that. We all do it anyway. And we all use Napster type progams to.
Weither or not everyone does it or not, does not make it right. Lets say a whole country thinks it's ok to kill off a group of people, does that make it right? There's a differance between stealing and murder/genocide, but the fact remains that how many people do something, does not make it right.

And for your information, I personaly don't use napster, or steal games.

Why should we pay over price for crappy ass games? We're not all rich. It hurts the industry? I doubt that.
Why do you think the price of games is so high? It's because of priacy. They have to charge what they do, because they know that a % of people won't buy them but will steal them in one way or another. If enough people don't buy a game, then the company that produced it losses money, this hurts the industry. And just because your not rich, that gives you the right to steal something from someone else? Perhaps I should go steal a Dodge Vipper from a dealer, since I can't afforde one?

If you get a copy of A game I don't think you would have paid for.

Ahh yes, the "I wouldn't of paid for it anyway." lie. If you wouldn't of paid for it, then why would you bother dl'ing it? If it's not something that is worth your money then why do you have a burned copy of it? Having a game you didn't buy is stealing pure and simple.

The game companys have tons of money.
Actualy game companys make very little profit on a game, a game is considered a major sucess if it produces a small % of profit. Take Dungeon Siege for example, Chris Talyor had to take out a 2nd morage on his house to pay off the bills to finish DS. He will proably make back enough to pay this off, but very little extra.

All your arugments are simply methods to justify what you know is wrong.
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