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i'm going to preface this statement by saying i did pay for this game, and i'm quite glad i did ('cause it was worth it)
but simply saying that owning a game without paying for it is wrong is an oversimplification (consider abandonware for example, i dunno, maybe you're against that too)
I think this forum should begin to apply the rule that the first person to liken the other person's position to Hitler/Osama Bin Laden/"Insert favorite symbol of evil here" should have their side of the argument disqualified on ad hominem grounds.

By Darth Milo's logic you should only approve of people who are totally unwilling to help you, or do you any favours. e.g. jerks. This is clearly silly.

whether or not you do or do not find it possible to morally justify software piracy (on basis of it not giving money to some people, or because the moon looks pretty or whatever) is irrevant- moral judgements are ultimately subjective.
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