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To be honest, if I had to pick a game that women would like, Force Commander would probably not be on the list. And to tell you the truth I've got more Star Wars stuff around than the house than you can imagine.

You're right - that's the thing about Focom. The more you play it - the more you like it. I've had some incredibly glorious battles - it's great when you have to develop new strategies when you're stuck on a mission.

Alot of people complained about all the movement keys. I only used the W-A-S-D keys and used the mouse for all other movement. Ended up being very easy to manuever.

But Focom was a real gamble for Lucasarts and it didn't really pan out for them. I really don't think they'll try a 3D RTS again. If maybe they got together with the people who developed Ground that would be something.
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