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Re: Storyline inconsistent badly

Originally posted by Eternity
WARNING: Some parts of the story will be mentioned.

Did anyone else feel the cut-scenes and the storyline was rushed? For instance:

*Desann let Kyle free so he could lead him to to the Valley of the Jedi. He kept Jan to torture her about the same thing. Why not capture both and torture both of them until they cracked? He could of threatened Kyle with Jan being sliced or tortured if he didn't tell...this was just a lame plot twist.
If they Desann had captured both of them and tortured them they would probably have both resisted all his efforts to reveal the valleys location. Likewise if he had threatened to kill Jan if Kyle didn't tell him, Kyle probably would have gestured to Desann that he's always number one with him (think about it)

It was only by making Kyle think that Jan was already dead that he was able to set Kyle up to return to the valley to get his Jedi power back so Desann could follow him.
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