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Sorry, I think you guys are just explaining away things.. On with the debate!

His main method of getting to the Valley of the Jedi was following Kyle. They only kept Jan for backup in case that didn't work; Tavion mentioned that they wouldn't risk killing the only other person who knew the whereabouts of the valley.
I know. That was lame, for reasons already stated.

The scene where Luke fights Desann. Blah. Desann's light saber throw triggers an extremely fake looking blockade. What the hell?

Response: Who cares?

Um, I do?

IMO desaan trying to torture the info out of them is too risky, the plan he did do had a lot more chance of success.

kyle was a jedi from JK1 and jan was there also, so shes used to him being a jedi. a jedi is typically always a jedi and if you listen to a few of the jokes she makes to kyle in this regards, shes basically said "I knew you were a jedi since day one, its only you that never accepted it".
Now, come on. Which plan had the riskier chances? Realistically, he's not going to send Kyle loose in the galaxy when he could have had him captured. He wouldn't have let him go to the Valley and get his force powers and stay alive, either.

Before you tell me, I know this is just a game and he needed to get his powers somehow. But it could have been done WAY better.

And pure and simple, there was no justification for Jan not showing ANY reaction about Kyle being a jedi, except as someone mentioned, she's a cold-hearted *****.

I'll have to disagree, the cut scenes where fine. They where nothing spectacular, but they got the job done and moved the story. As for the teeth, thats just a petty little thing, even if it did make everyone look like a mongloid.
They could have been done a hell of a lot better. They looked like puppet dolls, they moved like puppet dolls, and they portrayed puppet dolls.

Oh yes, ~1-3 years is no development time at all. JKII is definetely superior to just about every other FPS game for the computer, in just about every respect, don't forget that.
WTF? 3 years? And, er, are you forgetting Half-Life, No-one lives forever, Max Payne, etc. etc. Combat, yes? General FPS, no.

It was designed to slow him down, not kill him. They probably would've made it a teeny bit more realistic if the blockade actually did anything.
It looked cheesy. Look at a game like Half-Life's blockades blockades, to show it's not about technology.

You have to remember, this is an FPS, besides, they had no reason to include towns. What on earth would they do that for? I agree they could've made a few more maps, and perhaps a couple outdoor levels...maybe.
To me, even the outdoor levels looked indoor. (Example, Cloud City. What kind of city was that? I felt ripped off.) They tried to attempt an outdoor level with the swamp, and failed terribly when it came to a realistic looking portrayal of an outdoor setting.

Again, I love this game, I have a very high opinion of it, it's just that these things bother me because it seems to me not exceptional effort was put into the game, which most top notch triple-A titles have.

Sorry for any spelling or grammical errors, it's 12:00 at night.

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