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I have never been much of a fan of in-engine cutscenes; I think the FMV cutscenes in JK rocked, and I fail to see why most reviewers downgrade games for using FMV or SMK. Now, the cutscenes in JO are a step up from the usual fare (and light-years away from the ones in MOTS, which just looked oooogley in comparison to the rest of the game), but the animations at least could have done with some more work (specifically that handshake at the end... and the kissing animation was just bad. Way to put a damper on the scene that Dark Forces fans have been waiting to see for years...)


Well, I don't know about anyone else, but the civilians in JK and MOTS really annoyed me, mostly because they were really, REALLY stupid and actually got into the line of fire for no good reason (thus making it harder to stay Light Side). Given that it's already hard enough to avoid damaging your allies in the Academy levels, having bystanders would just be a further annoyance.

Anyway, I doubt there is such a thing as an innocent bystander on Nar Shaddaa... and on Bespin, if you saw a lot of guys in sinister hoods carrying lightsabers, not to mention stormtroopers and weirdos lobbing thermal detonators around at random, wouldn't you prefer to keep off the streets? (now, if it were Coruscant, that would be a different matter...)


There is no such thing as a generic FPS level. Even FPS games with no plot have a unique feel (Unreal, for example; although in gameplay it's no different from Quake 2, the ambiance of the game is MUCH different). JO's levels retain the general feel of the previous Dark Forces games, so I'm not complaining.


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