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Now, come on. Which plan had the riskier chances? Realistically, he's not going to send Kyle loose in the galaxy when he could have had him captured. He wouldn't have let him go to the Valley and get his force powers and stay alive, either.

Before you tell me, I know this is just a game and he needed to get his powers somehow. But it could have been done WAY better.

And pure and simple, there was no justification for Jan not showing ANY reaction about Kyle being a jedi, except as someone mentioned, she's a cold-hearted *****.

Okay, back to the reasons I already stated before, which you convienently skipped for no good reason.

Eternity, didn't you hear? Dark Jedi don't BELIEVE in risks. Yeesh. They only believe it getting what they want, everything else is just extra. Hence, he didn't really care what Kyle did, as long as Kyle lead him to the Valley...and as far as Desann cared, it would be a lot more FUN to kill Kyle if he could use the force.

Like I said before about Jan, Galak probably told her what happened, and she drew her own conclusions, obviously. Do you actually think that the characters would be COMPLETELY stupid (no, by your previous posts you don't, but apparently you seem to think Jan would be stupid....hmmmm, hypocrite).

They could have been done a hell of a lot better. They looked like puppet dolls, they moved like puppet dolls, and they portrayed puppet dolls.
Agreed, I liked the FMV.

It looked cheesy. Look at a game like Half-Life's blockades blockades, to show it's not about technology.
Yes, it did look cheesy, and to add to it, it's the only time sabers actually cut through walkways. But, like I said before, they probably would've done a better job if it was supposed to do anything.

Personally, I loved the swamp....could've used some more wildlife though.

I agree that there should've been pedestrians in Shadda, and Bespin, but in all likelyhood, one of your goals would be "Avoid getting any innocents killed"...which would produce a LOT of headaches, and quickloading.

Maybe that's why they didn't include them.

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