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hmmm i seriously think civilians would have created a much more immersive level.

when i say generic fps i mean there is no outstanding feature, be it architecturally or scriptwise.

architecturally the levels were completely non credible as far as practicality goes, even for the starwars universe.

i just did not feel like i was in any sort of military installation, just a level designed for me to walk through and shoot poorly positioned stormtroopers with my ridiculously innacurate stormtrooper rifle which fires blaster bolts that move slower then the bleedin' stormtroopers i'm shooting at.

and the developer's were going on about the ai and how when you shoot a stormie leader or officer the others would scarper but i've developed the tactic of shooting the officers last so as to stop the stormies from running around like headless turkeys as much.

to make it a bit easier to shoot them with my snail paced stormtrooper blaster bolts

and i've seen heaps of user made levels with better orchestrated scripts then in JK2

on artus topside when the ships come in after you blow the ion cannons they seem to rise up behind a section of is that? arent they sposed to be held up in orbit until kyle clears the ground to air defences?

its a small qualm i know, but there are lots of little things like that in it that detract from the experience of a game that as far as its gameplay fun factor goes , is unequeled.

if they just spent a bit more time on the cutscenes, level design, and art (more enemy skins, more monsters) this game would habe been an immortal classic.


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