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Eternity, didn't you hear? Dark Jedi don't BELIEVE in risks. Yeesh. They only believe it getting what they want, everything else is just extra. Hence, he didn't really care what Kyle did, as long as Kyle lead him to the Valley...and as far as Desann cared, it would be a lot more FUN to kill Kyle if he could use the force.

Like I said before about Jan, Galak probably told her what happened, and she drew her own conclusions, obviously. Do you actually think that the characters would be COMPLETELY stupid (no, by your previous posts you don't, but apparently you seem to think Jan would be stupid....hmmmm, hypocrite).
He didn't care what Kyle did? They don't believe in taking risks? I'm a hypocrite?

I smell...contradiction!

1) Jedi don't believe in taking risks, but Desann let Kyle go free, betting on him going to the Valley, then let him escape from the Valley with newfound force powers, letting him wreck havoc on everything, just because it would be fun?

2) Jan already knew that Kyle was a Jedi so she didn't mention it to him, let alone welcome him? Doesn't that seem even a little lame to you? I mean, come on.

3) I'm a hypocrite? Er......

And patchx et al explained the level problems a lot better then I could...

Insert a witty and thought-provoking quote here, I can't think of any.
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