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I think Jan knows Kyle better then Kyle does, she knew that regardless of his practice he was a jedi at heart, hence it didn't surprise her as much as Kyle thought it would, i agree though it would of been better if she showed some expression, maybe raising one eyebrow and sarcastically say "Really?!".

As for civilians in the game, i would of liked some, make the Bar a bit more crowded where th einnocents hit the floor and hide behind tables while you "take out the trash". Of course one could argue that no citizen in their right mind would be walking through a heavily defended area and through hordes of people obviuosly gearin up for a huge fight. It wouldn't be a case of "Hon, I'll get the milk from the shops, i'll just run through those disruptor blasts and avoid the thrermal detonators,. oh i'll get the paper too". It would be more of a case of "God Damn!! Pack your arse Hon, we're leaving this place!"
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