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Name:I'll think of that... Or just use the name generator when the game comes out! For now we'll just call him Bob.
Height:What's that?
Place of Birth:Coruscant
Character Type:Mercenary, or something like that
Occupation:None(for now)
Allegiance:None(for now)
Appearence:Big, strong guy
Bio:Bob never belieaved that his parents died in an accident, and it didn't surprise him, when, at the age of 17, he found out that his parents were the rich founders of a powerful communications company. But he was surprised when, at the age of 21, he discovered that his parents weren't from a communications company, but were once important Rebel leaders. And they didn't die in a car crash, they were assassinated. But by who? Another Rebel leader, vying for power? The Galactic Empire, seeking to destroy the Rebel Allegiance? Or a bounty hunter, seeking a fortune off of his parents' deaths? Bob, doesn't know, but he is out to find out and avenge their deaths....

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