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Storytelling vs. Battle-Arenas

I've always been fond of the actual stories behind these FPS games.

I could use one of you computer-gurus to create a "scripting wizard" that would allow me to put text into characters mouths in given situations.

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to create new Jedi SP or even MP "team" adventures where the characters could effectively live (and fight) out a story; sort of like the "choose your own path" adventure-books.

Imagine you and a friend being sent to a distant planet on a diplomatic mission that becomes an infiltration and rescue --but only if you make the right decisions and talk to the right people.

I think this could be accomplished through programmable-actions (such as having a character open a door for you, or give you a key or document) or through "dropped" items--like the keys that Imperial officers drop when killed.

I'll do the scripting and building...but I have little patience with dicking around with code.

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