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To be fair...I think Raven were also under a great deal of pressure to get this game out in a short time frame. Remember that Jedi Outcast only came to light after Obi-Wan was announced to be moving to the X-Box. I still feel (though it is just my personal opinion), that Lucasarts felt bad about disappointing the fans, and decided to make a sequel in the DF series...
That very well may be, but my opinion about LucasArts is still down there with Enron. Enrich yourself with this brilliant little tidbit:

Question: Did the "Bring Obi-Wan Back to the PC Petition" (with over 7000 signatures) raise LucasArts attention that PC fans wanted another game like Jedi Knight?

Answer: No. A Jedi Knight sequel was always under consideration since itís one of our most successful game series.
-from interview

Way to insult all the people who actually cared about that, PR Person. And so bluntly, too. Made me really feel like you guys care. So, my opinion of them is still hovering around the 'disgust' mark.

To me, the budget wasn't huge (and I'm guessing it was pretty big) because they didn't want to waste a lot of money and the Raven guys knew what they were doing--they knew they could do it in that time span.

To be honest, I think it's a remarkable achievement that Raven managed to produce a high quality product in such a short time...
Ditto. I was impressed...

As far as LucasArts sitting back and saying:

"Well, you know, I think we should give the sequel of this game a larger budget and really go over the top on features to make a game that's Game of The Year caliber' me, it doesn't look like it's happening. Hey, maybe they will..and maybe they will win back some of my respect. Too bad Raven's gonna be making it anyway, not LucasArts, though. And yes, I think Raven has the potential and talent to make a real nice, original game. Even if the only thing that motivates them is money

You bring up some great points about Half-Life. Nobody liked the Zen levels. And you're right, some of the puzzles were there just to be puzzles, and some of the level design sucked. But, to me, that's the best FPS that came close to what can be terms of telling a story with great cut-scenes, at least. I'll be fair. Maybe a better example of a game with lots of content, just so it can be a really good game, is Baldurs Gate 2. I didn't want to mention it before because it's an RPG, and you HAVE to have a lot of content for an RPG...but to me, this one just reflected the effort put into it.

EDIT: WTF? What happened to the rest of my message? sigh. All that typing, lost...

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