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Imp defector to the Redemption

I'm new around here, but I checked the forum and I could not find anything on this mission:
You need to attack the space station after you destroy a squadren of Ties. After you start giving the Space Station hull damage is starts to send out shuttles. Shuttle AA-23 contains the Defector. I ID the defector with out any trouble and I follow him to the Rendverous point without any trouble. When the ISD shows up with the Interdiction cruser Binder I fend off the Tie bombers and fighters, fire missles at the Binder, and reload on the Calamari Cruser. I can usually get the Redemption out of there safely, but every time the Calamari Cruser gets blown to bits by the ISD. And I fail the mission every time. I am using version 2.02 and the tips don't help me with that part of the mission.
Can somebody please help? Thanks
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