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Codes for the tower bridge in Jedi Knight 2

ok the codes are:
BLUE: 4 triangles like a picture frame has, then a solid "D" shape on the right of them. The triangles are made by having 2 triangles on the left side of the screen on the middle pc, and 2 triangles on the right side of the screen on the pc on the right. The pc on the left is for the "D" shape (to the right of the screen).
YELLOW:2 triangles on the bottom and 4 circles on top. The circles should form the shape of the top of a pyramid , ^, except that, if you think about it, a pyramid would need 5 circles. So the one on the bottom left side is missing. The pc on the right has two cicles in the middle, resembling eyes, the middle pc has two cirles at 12 and 3 o'clock, and the right pc has two triangles on the bottom.
RED:The "D" shape on the bottom (left pc), triangles on top(middle pc), and 12 and 3 o'clock circles(right pc).
After you lock them all in, please tell me how to unglue myself from this game?!
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