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you are a god!

I do both staged, and non staged live steel fighting (fully sharp swords ETC) in real life with other skilled people (I teach a few sword styles). though I am alwyas looking for a newer better or more fun to use practice blade. (I don't use live steel with morons, but regardless trust me, I KNOw what I am doing here, been doing it for YEARS... the people I use live steel with rock, and know how to control the blades, and when not in staged events we slow down the swings to about 25-40%, and make it all blockable, ETC, nobody has been hurt yet!)

all that being said, I have enough REAL blades (not wall hangers at all), and Boken to last a life time (though the web site with real swords is definately a good spot, generation 2 is basically the "kind" of blades I own at a minimum, or better, all fully sharp, I own katana, and More european styles, and know how to use them all fencing is the only form I never studied...).

However with all this stuff something I have always wanted to show off and just plain have a ****load of fun with at Fairs and whatnot, is a light saber... one I could use for dueling with one of the guys I spar with.

Now everyone tell me honestly. If you went to a local Sci fi convention and spotted two guys in decent looking star wars getup, sparring with these bad ass mofo's and REALLY swinging like a pro would do,would you or would you NOT watch with awe and drool on your lips?

snake you are my hero! the next door neighbors kids will worship me like I am a god when I am practicing on my lawn with this bad boy. My money is in the mail as we speak...

I can;t thank you enough. And yes I saw HBK's sight a long time ago, thought about it, but wanted something with a blade, so never made one... the problem? making a glowing tube that is unbreakable, or at least hard enough to break to make it safe to use (very bad to break neon lights BTW glass everywhere and poisonous powder I think).

As for the power supply? look here: it clearly shows a 9 volt, rechargeable (least it looks like it to me).

/endless Worship snake
/Think I am going to cry at how cool these are...

Dude I never spent money from my tax return check so fast... WOW!

We all have to die, the only question is... Do you want it on your feet? or on your knees...
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