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I was born into a fairly rich family, but then my family lost all of their money through a crash in the stocks and we moved to the bottom of Coruscant. i was thinking of ways to help my family get their money back, then i heard it......... i heard about a man named Jango Fett, a famous bounty hunter, i was excited by the acts and crimes he commited and decided that being a bounty hunter would help my family regain their money. I would start by stealing food for the homeless for 2 or sometimes 3 credits. As i grew, i hijacked taxis and stole their credits and robbed banks with the help of other would-be bounty hunters. Then it happened, i saw two bonty hunters killing a wealthy man. then i saw that it was a set-up for the bounty hunters as snipers took aim from a building top. I took out my trusty distruptor and fired two shots at the snipers. they disappered and the bounty hunters killed the man. The bounty hunters thanked me and asked me my age and said" im 18". The two talked to themselves for a while and said "hpw would u like to join us!" I was excited, but then they told me i would have to leave my family. with a heavy heart i decided and went to my family and said "when i come back, i will bring riches beyond imagination!"

with that i left and ran several missions. Then on one mission to tatooine my friends came back with a dewback and gave it to me. they said it was mine

"ill call you Dewbie" It wasthe first name that came to mind!

On another mission i heard of Jango Fett again from the locals and imagined how his armor would look on me.

I skipped 10 bounties and made a copy of his armor that wasnt as strong but could take a beating.

A mission came that i couldn't resist, it guaranteed me 30 million credits by someone called Nute Gunray to assasinate a naboo senator named Amidala. I took it and appraoached the senate building and disguised myself as a guard. There she addressed the senate, and i took and with a blaster. Someone touched me and i turned around and then i blacked out...

i found myself in a jail and found out i was shot by another guard. Days later my bounty hunter friends came to rescue me, but in an intense gun- fight they were killed and i escaped. i swore revenge as i doned my armor again and named myself David Fett and flew to Tatooine and took Dewbie from our hideout. I returned to Coruscant and my family, only to find them dead..

with rage i destroyed the house and left swearing to one day destroy the rpublic with my bare-hands.

How was that guys? too long? ill delete it if u want? :confused

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