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Name: Espinado Azameen.
Race:Wookiee or a Mon Cal
Gender: female or a male
Height:130 cm
BirthPlace: Kashyyyk or Mon Calamari
Profession: Jedi LightSaber crafter/trainer or a Bounty Hunter
Allegiance: Rebel Alliance
Appearance:Broad superior frame, flaming red eyes, two scars on his fore-head,muscular build
Bio: The youngest Azameen pilot, Espinado was lost on a mission with Aeron and Emon, they were transporting some supplies to a rebel convoy and Viraxo and Imperials jumped them. Espinado's power systems were disabled, and he drifted away from the fight. Espinado crash landed on Naboo, and found several jedi in Theed. They sensed his ability in the force and took him along. They were rather old, so their lightsabers needed maintenance. Espinado made them brand new ones, his expertise as a mechanic for the Azameen's helped him out a lot. The Azameen family presumes (s)he is dead and doesn't ever talk about him/her. Espinado uses a modified FireSpray class patrol craft named Dawn's Light , or he uses a personalized and modified, thats right you guessed it! AN !!
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