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JK2's SP is hurt by weak level design.. and JK2's MP is weak by not really offering much more than the standard FPS MP elements that are the bare minimum of what's expected now for FPS games.. CTF, teamDM, and FFA aren't enough by themselves to offer a decent+complete MP experience anymore..

it deserves honorable mention perhaps for it's melee SP combat mechanics.. sound achievement.. movie adaption/license-use.. but not the game as a whole..

RTCW right now is extremely popular in MP and has a growing competitive community due to great use of its atmosphere and environment while offering much more than your regular FFA/DM..

had JK2 been able to use the MP portion in order to have some form of Star Wars-themed task/mission concept that helped play off the atmosphere of Star Wars more.. it would have turned out to be much more than the UnrealTourney w/ light sabers that MP is right now..

i guess it up to the mods now to fix this issue..
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