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((OOS: jumping ahead in time and hypersapce ))

*Garik came out of hyperspace and saw the planet BIMMISAARI in front of him. it was a nice plante. lots of woods and the beings who live there were small creatures named BIMMS.

But Garik arranged theyre base of operations far from a bimms place. so if the Empire would ever find them they would not get the Bimms. he saw Ton in front of him with Hassany. he keyed his Com.*

Wraith 2, lead. are you ok? here are the coordinates of the base take Wraith 3 and go down to it and start checking in. If im correct we have a ground staff there for us. see you in a sec.

*at that moment Raschell and Orthos and all other Wraiths came out of hyperspace. They all reported in with their status. some were badly hurt shipwise.. some were hurt fisicalwise. Garik gave the coordinates of the base on Bimmisaari. he keyed the general com*

Ok Wraiths. we just had our first battle. we completed the mission, but just barely. I want a debriefing and opinion of you all 2 hours after we land. Wraith 2 and 3 are already down there.

*he got confermation from all pilots. He keyed his com to set for the base.*

Foon base, this is Wraith leader calling. please respond.

Foon Base:
This is Foon base. Wraith leader, we read you.

Foon base, Wraith Leader. we have just come out of Hypersapce heading toward the bace. Wraith 2 and 3 are already near you.

Foon Base:
We see them Wraith lead. they contacted us just before you did.
You all have clearance to land.

Roger that Foon base. coming in. please have tech teams ready and a medic when we arive. Wraith lead out.

*Garik went threw the atmosphere and dove down to the planet.*
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