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'Best ever' in this realm is too highly subjective ...

I suppose that for people who have problems, they would not be happy (I know my biggest tick against JKII is the framerate issues I have on 'Yavin Swamp').

I also suppose that for those whose favorite genre isn't FPS, a FPS would be extremely unlikely as a 'best game ever'.

There are also those who look blindly back and take what was best 'then' and make it 'best ever' - like the Newton MP2000 for PDA's, or even the HP200LX.

Personally, I played pong on a TV in 1978 ... the Star Wars arcade games in the arcade, Castle Wolfenstein on an Apple ][ in the early 80's, Doom when it was new, and so on. For me, JKII is my favorite game EVER. Is it the 'best ever'? Who knows and who cares?!? Not me! I have played it through twice - something I have *never* done before.
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