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I run my servers inside of screen AND have auto-restart ability. My scripts look like so:

echo -n "Starting - "
date "+%D %H:%M:%S"
cd /usr/local/games/jk2
screen -d -m ./holdjk2

echo Ok
while 1
date "+%D %H:%M:%S" >> /tmp/jk2_start.log
echo "JK2 Server Started." >> /tmp/jk2_start.log
date "+%D %H:%M:%S" >> /tmp/jk2_start.log
echo "JK2 Server crashed, Restarting." >> /tmp/jk2_start.log
sleep 5

My is a standard command line startup. This setup not only uses screen and provides auto-restart, but it also generates a log letting me know how often and when my server has crashed.

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