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"Rocket Pong" :)

Wanna have some fun? Enter an area with some room ("pit" is not bad either).

- Use "give all" to get the rocket launcher.

- use "setforceall 3" to max your force levels

- type "notarget" so that enemies won't attack you

- Jump onto one of those ledges and spawn a saber enemy in front of you while facing the middle of the chamber. (I recommend either tavion or a rebornforceuser.)

- Now jump onto the opposite ledge and fire a homing rocket (it's slower) towards the 'dumb' enemy.

He won't attack you, but he will still push the rocket back towards you, now YOU push it back to him and so on.

To get a greater challenge you could do the following:
- use two reborn
- set your force push to level1, now you will have to directly target the rocket to push it back
- use the unguided rocket (it's faster)

Note that the rocket will never explode unless it hits something. I managed to have a 30sec match.


P.S.: oh yeah, and don't use Desann... he has the bad habit of jumping twice when he pushed a rocket back, usually drops of the ledge then.
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