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I'm with txa1265. JK II is my favorite game ever. I don't think I could ever say that one game is the best ever. There are many games that are nearly perfect in every way (and for that matter, some that have no redeeming qualities whatsoever). The thing that usually makes some games great is that they do something different, and they do it well. Comparing the features of revolutionary games to one-another is only a matter of personal preference. You can't compare Max Payne's bullet-time effect to Half-Life's enemy AI, or JK II's combat system, or ... <insert your favorite game here>.

As far as JK II is concerned, I'm not holding my breath for "Game of the Year". I don't think most people will think it's the "best" one since there'll definately be some stiff competition. I'm always open to the possibility that come December 31st, something else will get my vote, but its more likely that JK II will be my favorite game of all time for several years to come (JK 1 was my favorite up until JK II was released).

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