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Re: Bugs???

Originally posted by colonel_stryker
I don't understand the complaints of bugs about both MechCommander2 and JK2.

MechCommander2 is still one of my favorite games and I've no problems with it (unless I was trying to hack the savegames).
I know what you mean. My Beta version (yes, BETA, not Gold) ran fine once they gave us two patches to make it into a late beta. But SO MANY PEOPLE had problems with the Gold version and they STILL haven't released a patch.

It was one of the few games that the higher your system specs, the worse it ran (in most cases).

My old PIII 500 with 265 RAM ran it fine compared to some guy with a P4 2 GHtz with a 128 meg ram GForce card. I don't understand it, but it just happened that way.

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