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Originally posted by skankyhoe
Well I do really like JK2 a lot (force powers and saber, mmm!) I awaiting the release of SOF2.

Real life guns in a game appeal to me more and it looks like it will be one hell of a game.

However I can tell I've been playing JK2 a bit too much now that when I play other FPS games (MOH, RTCW, Q3 etc) I find myself pressing the 'Q' button, which is normally my force pull button when bad guys manage to get a bit too close to get their weapon out of their hands... go figure.

It is funny ... when I started my replay, I found myself doing the same thing. For me Q is speed, and I have push/pull as mouse 4 & 5 on my Intellimouse Explorer.

... this is why I say 'best' is so subjective. I like MoH:AA and RtCW, and will likely pick up SoF2 - but I greatly prefer the Saber/Force to 'real guns & war'. But that's me ...

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