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The best games of all time have been the one's that have revolutionized some aspect of gaming. I loosely throw HL, Deus Ex, and Max Payne in that category though I might not pick those as my favorites (I really like JK1 and MotS actually). I'm only half-way thru JK2 but I can't say I've seen anything that revolutionary.

The use of the license is the by far the best ever seen in a SW game. I find the visual aspect (graphics) of some of the areas in JK2 to be mind-blowing but I'm not saying that the level design is the greatest. I think the models are some of the best I've seen. The feeling of realism in the game is the best I've experienced since playing Max Payne at 1280 resolution. Standing in the falling snow at night on a rooftop was the closest thing to "realism" I've seen in a game. Saber-combat and force powers are excellent.

But don't get me wrong, I'm having a blast and find myself thinking about this game alot. It hasn't grown on me like JK1 has but that'll probably take time.

I think the best use of the "Jedi license" would be to develop more of an RPG-style, first-person-sneaker, but with the superb graphics of an fps like JK2. Maybe more like Deus Ex with alot of interactivity, deep plot, multiple endings, less use of the Lightsaber (i.e. much less fighting and more stealth). In other words, send Luke or whoever on a mission where stealth and your wits are more important than blasting things. I think the depth of the SW universe would be bottomless for a game like that.
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